"They are a key and critical part of the service team in our self-insurance workers comp program. Coming up with creative solutions to difficult safety challenges, and then effectively communicating these, is a great benefit to our members and to our overall program’s success."

Rich McKee, Fund Administrator
Kansas Livestock Association Workers Comp Fund


View safety videos we have created for one of our clients

If you think accidents “always happen to the other guy” then watch a sample of stand-alone training programs that we’ve developed...

*Videos were also created in Spanish

A tragedy that took the life of a good and valued employee, husband and father was preventable. This program demonstrates how "every-day occurrences" can result in serious accidents.

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The importance of following safety procedures such as lockout / tagout and maintenance, and developing good habits, were key points in this program that took the arm of an employee.

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Many people don’t understand the real importance of safety until they get hurt bad, and then only after they have to deal with the personal results of the accident. Learning from the accidents of others is always better than learning from your own accidents because then you don’t have to go through it yourself. This is the objective of these 10 minute training programs that feature real accidents that have lasting consequences.