"Safety InSight’s practical approach to safety has helped our hospitals gain a new perspective on safety and loss prevention. Rather than just a checklist of hazards or do’s and don’ts, our members now understand the importance of behavioral attitudes in relation to creating a safety culture."

Janeen McWilliams
VP Kansas Health Service Corporation


Services : Safety Awareness

Safety talk topics: providing short and simple “talk topics” training resources to our clients.

When members of the management team discuss safety with their people their people know that they care. Safety success is more likely to be achieved when a supervisor communicates something about safety than when a “Safety Director” or “outside resource” does it. We provide easy-to-use safety resources so it’s easy for your management team to accomplish this!

“Accident Summary” notices

Providing a periodic “Accident Summary” that describes an accident situation that’s actually occurred within your organization “makes safety real” and we can do this for you. Describing the accident, outlining the causal factors and delineating preventive measures on one page is a specialty of ours.

Safety Bulletins

Similar to an “Accident Summary” notice, these go into more detail and are more of a technical type bulletin. Sometimes geared to management and sometimes to a specific function, these are also a very popular resource that is generated as a result of “something that happened” or “could happen” within your unique work atmosphere.