“I have known Chuck Pirie for more than ten years and have attended many of his safety and worker’s compensation workshops. I recommend Chuck Pirie to anyone looking for a professional consultant in the areas of safety or worker’s compensation.”

Ronald P. Odell, ARM
Director of Feed Yard Services
Cactus Feeders, Amarillo TX


Services : OSHA Compliance


The most effective way to avoid the stress of an OSHA visit is to prevent accidents; you are unlikely to be targeted by OSHA unless your accident rate is “above average” for your industry. If you are visited we know what they are likely to look for and can help you be ready!

Before “a visit”

When your organization has been “targeted” to receive a “visit” by OSHA because you have a “higher than average DART rate” (and they will visit you). Safety InSight can often help you institute a plan that will prevent them from inspecting your operations and instituting any fines. Our strategy works and may keep OSHA at bay for 2 years or more!

After “a visit”

Reducing fines by 50% or more is not uncommon. And it’s not real difficult to achieve this if you’ve been the unfortunate recipient of an OSHA compliance audit.

Post-accident assistance

If you’ve had an employee fatality then it is almost certain that you will be visited by OSHA within the next 24 – 48 hours. Citations and fines are almost always levied as a result of these visits. Safety InSight can often be on-site before OSHA arrives, and has demonstrated their ability to implement “OSHA damage control” strategies. In one fatality that occurred in 2007 no citations or fines were issued.