“Chuck’s safety knowledge has been instrumental in reducing our work comp claims over the last ten years.”

Lee Borck, President & CEO
Innovative Livestock Services
Chairman KLA Work Comp Fund


Services : Controlling the Costs Related to Accidents

Workers compensation premiums

All workers compensation insurance premiums are determined using an “experience modification factor.” Insurance companies use this formula to determine your premium; it will be lower or higher than normal dependent on whether you have good or bad experience over a defined period of time. We understand how this works and can help you identify strategies to minimize how accidents impact your premiums.

Return To Work programs

Returning valued employees back to work following an accident is a win-win for everyone. A valued employee can return to productivity and earn their normal wage. Returning an injured employee back to work, however, takes planning and communication with the health care provider. Very effective and relatively easy to implement strategies can make this happen.

Post-offer physical assessments

No matter how good your safety effort is if you hire a person who cannot perform the essential physical expectations of the job they are almost certain to be injured on the job. Implementing a meaningful process to assess an applicants’ ability “to do the job” is often a valuable strategy that helps both the employer and employee identify a persons’ physical limitations. We can help decide if this is a cost effective strategy for you, and ensure that it will be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).