"The professionals at Safety InSight really opened our eyes about the specific challenges and needs that we had, identified target objectives and what could be done to fix them - and then they helped us get it done! STAR PERFORMANCE!”

Gerald Marquette, CEO
Coffeyville Regional Medical Center, Coffeyville KS


Services : Accident Reduction

Identify the “Top 10” issues critical to the success of each client

Only when the critical safety needs of a client are identified and agreed upon with the client can a strategy be identified to address them. Every client interaction begins with an honest assessment of the key issues and, after they are discussed and understood, a mutually agreeable plan is established to address them. “KEEP IT SIMPLE” is a strategy that we strongly believe in, so we always identify and focus on ten or fewer critical issues.

Safety Culture development

Most accidents result from unsafe behaviors so establishing a “culture of safety” is critical if meaningful accident reduction is to occur. Making sure that the elements of your “safety program” reinforce safety in a positive way – a safety culture - is critical. Let’s face it; most employees believe that safety slows them down or “gets in the way” – perceptions that inhibit safety progress instead of promoting it. Every element of your safety effort can be presented in a positive way and we can show you how.