A good accident prevention effort prevents way more than just accidents? Effective accident prevention practices also reduce “errors in the system” that negatively impact quality of product and service delivery.

“The results of their work are evident in the significant ways that they impact the bottom line - reduced accidents and improved morale.”

Carol Gonzales, City Manager
City of Shawnee, KS

Case Studies

Influencing Safety Results with Group Influence

Very specific safety goals, peer influence and money are all very powerful influences. When specific safety goals are combined with these influences the results with one client’s self- insurance program were great!

Tying very specific safety accomplishments to premium discounts provided a means by which to “measure” a set of ten key objectives that, when implemented, would help each member organization and also the self-insured trust. Each member is eligible to receive up to 5% discount on their next year’s premium contribution by achieving these objectives that are totally activity based!

When the results of these easily measurable but very important elements of a safety culture are tabulated and shared among the membership the peer influence also proved to be very valuable. Over $4,000,000 in premium discounts were provided during the years that this program, developed by Safety InSight, has been in place!

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