A good accident prevention effort prevents way more than just accidents? Effective accident prevention practices also reduce “errors in the system” that negatively impact quality of product and service delivery.

"Improving officer fitness was identified as one way to reduce officer injuries. Getting something like this implemented in our law enforcement departments meant crossing many hurdles including some officer resistance and getting governing body approval. Anyone that knows anything at all about how difficult the Cooper certification process is knows that they really went the extra mile."

Case Studies

Going the extra mile...

Injuries in law enforcement were always thought of as just being a ‘part of the job’ and that they were ‘inherent to the job.’ With certain very specific safety practices in place, however, even injuries from confrontational situations can be minimized!

Danger is a part of the job, but a careful review of injury situations among 13 client law enforcement agency departments revealed that many serious accidents occurred in a select number of very specific situations. Safety InSight worked closely with a task group of representatives from these agencies and helped to identify strategies to better control these situations, and then promoted them with the governing bodies!

Safety InSight consultants helped implement the Cooper Institute Fitness program in these law enforcement agencies, and one of our consultants actually went through rigorous training to become certified as a Cooper Institute Personal Trainer so we could be sure it was the right program for this group!

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