A good accident prevention effort prevents way more than just accidents? Effective accident prevention practices also reduce “errors in the system” that negatively impact quality of product and service delivery.
“The comfort of knowing that your employees know and use safety culture attitudes is a comforting feeling from the management and ownership level of business. ”

Terry Nelson, Owner
Nelson Farms
Valley Feeds & Husky Hogs
Long Island KS

Case Studies

Sometimes success goes beyond dollars...

One client’s desire was to be able to create a work environment where people weren’t getting hurt. He didn’t want to experience any more serious accidents. Helping him achieve this was easy, given his level of desire.

Safety InSight helped the owner understand how accidents are caused, how accident situations can be anticipated and how he could intervene before they occurred. The owner was then able to implement some simple but key strategies to help “make safety a reality” in his organization. Safety InSight loves to work with these clients because they are motivated to make safety a reality. It didn’t happen overnight, but almost!

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