A good accident prevention effort prevents way more than just accidents? Effective accident prevention practices also reduce “errors in the system” that negatively impact quality of product and service delivery.
"Our workers’ compensation premium went from $357,016 in 2004 down to $179,386 this year (2010) – a 100% decrease!! The correlating experience modification factor went from 2.01 down to .86 – even more remarkable. The professionals at Safety InSight really opened our eyes about the specific challenges and needs that we had, identified target objectives and what could be done to fix them - and then they helped us get it done! ‘STAR PERFORMANCE"

Gerald Marquette
CEO Coffeyville Regional Medical Center, Coffeyville KS

Case Studies

Safety doesn’t cost money, in fact it saves big money...

One client cut their work comp premiums more than 50% in six years during a time when payroll went up! This is especially significant when you consider that work comp rates are based on payroll!

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center had a significant decrease in accident frequency and severity as a result of a very focused safety action plan. The result was a reduction in their workers compensation premiums of more than 50% in six years! This was especially significant when we know that work comp rates are based on payroll, and that the payroll increased 50% during this same period!

Year Workers Comp Premium Experience Modification Factor* Total Payroll
2004 $357,016 2.01 $10,426,266
2010 $179,386 .86 $15,590,191**

** Payroll for 2010 is estimated.

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