A good accident prevention effort prevents way more than just accidents? Effective accident prevention practices also reduce “errors in the system” that negatively impact quality of product and service delivery.
"Safety InSight's practical and caring approach to safety motivates employees of all professions to put safety first, every day. Their ability to translate complex ideas into meaningful and very achievable and successful initiatives makes a real difference. The results of their work are evident in the significant ways that they impact the bottom line - reduced accidents and improved morale."

Carol Gonzales
City Manager City of Shawnee, KS

Case Studies

Self Insured Programs A Success...

The financial objective of our self-insured clients is to reduce costs associated with accidents. The consistent reduction in accidents and their costs among several large self-insurance groups and association clients was achieved by identifying and addressing together the unique needs of each group. The results are compelling.

Client Accident Frequency Cost*
A (over a 5-year period) 939 down to 737 3.2 million down to 1.7 million
B (over a 7-year period) 194 down to 162 1.5 million down to 1.24 million
C (over a 5-year period) 452 down to 375 2.3 million down to 1.1 million

Additional information about each of these actual achievements is available by contacting Safety InSight

*Includes all paid and anticipated workers compensation related costs associated with these accidents. The noted decreases in costs occurred in a period when work comp medical costs increased at more than twice the rate of the medical CPI!**

** Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)

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