A good accident prevention effort prevents way more than just accidents? Effective accident prevention practices also reduce “errors in the system” that negatively impact quality of product and service delivery.

"They are a key and critical part of the service team in our self-insurance workers comp program. Coming up with creative solutions to difficult safety challenges, and then effectively communicating these, is a great benefit to our members and to our overall program’s success."

Rich McKee, Administrator
Kansas Livestock Association workers compensation fund

Case Studies

Read some of our measured successes

Self Insured Programs A Success...

The financial objective of our self-insured clients is to reduce costs associated with accidents. The consistent reduction in accidents and their costs among several large self-insurance groups and association clients was achieved by identifying and addressing together the unique needs of each group. The results are compelling.

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Safety doesn’t cost money, in fact it saves big money...

One client cut their work comp premiums more than 50% in six years during a time when payroll went up! This is especially significant when you consider that work comp rates are based on payroll!

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Sometimes success goes beyond dollars

One client’s desire was to be able to create a work environment where people weren’t getting hurt. He didn’t want to experience any more serious accidents. Helping him achieve this was easy, given his level of desire.

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Going the extra mile

Injuries in law enforcement were always thought of as just being a ‘part of the job’ and that they were ‘inherent to the job.’ With certain very specific safety practices in place, however, even injuries from confrontational situations can be minimized!

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Influencing Safety Results with Group Influence

Very specific safety goals, peer influence and money are all very powerful influences. When specific safety goals are combined with these influences the results with one client’s self- insurance program were great!

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